After 5,500 kms on the road we arrived in Phoenix to stay a week at the Yeagers ‘winter house’. A lot of Canadians escape their winter by coming to Arizona and they are known by the locals as ‘snow birds’. We were asked at the supermarket if we were ‘snow birds’ and we said not exactly, we still have a long way south to fly yet ! The house is in Florence, about 60 miles south of Phoenix and in a very newly developed housing area. It is in the desert but it is amazing to see that in amongst the cactus (cactii ?) and the rattle snakes (haven’t seen one of those yet) there are irrigated cotton and lucerne crops grown and quite a few large dairies. The channels are cement lined as the soil is just a dust bowl. We really didn’t see any farmland driving down through the mid west of the US, is was a lot of arid rangelands, with only a few sightings of cattle ranches. It was 34 degrees here when we arrived, so the warmest we have felt since we left Australia. Guess its good to get acclimatized for when we get home.

We spent the week relaxing and catching up on school work. We had a few visits into Phoenix to have a look around, go souvenir shopping and also John just had to go to Alice Coopers Bar & Grill, that was different ! Near where we were staying was also a community centre, it was like a sports centre so we went there a few times, they had a pool, tennis courts, basketball and rock climbing. It was nice to just have a week to chill out !







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