Arizona to Nevada

Viva Las Vegas ! We drove straight to Las Vegas today. We did have a stopover at Hoover Dam, located on the Colorado River and on the state line between Arizona and Nevada. It was built in the 1930’s and is known as one of the worlds largest civil engineering projects. It was so strange, driving through such desolate country to arrive in a really crazy busy city. Took about 1 hour just to check in at our hotel, “The Flamingo”, queue just to check in was like checking in at an airport ! There were about 8 computer terminals and hotel staff to check people in and we still had a long wait ! The name of the lady who checked us in was ‘Cher’ and she was about 70, and she was wearing oxygen tubes ! Donny and Marie are playing at the hotel. First day was raining so we hung out at a shopping mall. 2nd day was sunny so we walked up and down the strip and checked out the different hotels such as Caesars Palace, Paris, MGM, New York New York, The Luxor, Excalibur and watched the fountains dance to music outside the Bellagio. We also went to the ‘Bodies’ exhibition. 3rd day we did some more school work, swam at the pool and took in a movie. There was a lot of entertainment on the streets, which were quite crowded. Buskers, magicians, impersonators, and people dressed up as superheroes, cartoon and movie characters made for some funny sights !









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