Mt Rushmore

Today we saw our first bears !!! even though it was in a wildlife park, they were still roaming free and we sure got an up close look ! We had to stay in our cars and keep windows up. We also saw elk, deer, bighorn sheep, reindeers, artic wolves, mountain goats and bison. They also had a babyland which had raccoons, beavers, badgers, groundhogs and baby bears which were so gorgeous and playful ! This park was only 8 miles from Rapid City.

A further 7 miles down the road was Mt Rushmore, which was pretty amazing. Also not far from Mt Rushmore is Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse is still under construction and is a monument, carved into the rock, dedicated to the Indian Chief ‘Crazy Horse’ who fought and beat General Custer in 1876. Work began in 1947 by 1 man and today they have only completed his face. When finished (due to uncertainties in weather and funding they can’t say when it will be complete ) will be the worlds largest rock carving.






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