Windy Days

Harvest is in full swing and John has been very busy either swathing, driving the chaser bin, combine or is cultivating. It’s funny that in the time we have been here John has seeded, sprayed, swathed and harvested the same field. They say that in a good year it is only 90 days between seeding and harvest. Once harvesting is done, as much preparation as possible is done for next years crop before winter sets in, so cultivating and if possible fertiliser is put out as well before the first snow fall. It is definitely cooling down now and the days get shorter very quickly. Today is only 12 but the weekend may get back to 20 and the nights are down to 3 or 4. We had another few days of extreme winds in the southern part of the province this week which has done a lot of damage to crops. They say about $1.2 billion worth of canola was lost. Crops that weren’t yet harvested were flattened and a lot of swathed crops were blown around.

Here are 2 funny photos, during the wind storm one of the silos at the local co-op blew over so someone drove their truck into it so it wouldn’t blow away ! The other one is John filling up the tractor in town at the local service station before heading out to the field ! The other photos are a bison herd we spotted just outside of town and some harvest photos including the swaths that were blown around.








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