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Au Revoir Canada

Today we said our final goodbyes which was sad, especially to the Yeagers and our beautiful neighbours Cathy and Edward who became good friends. We loaded our truck and hit the road for our big road trip across America. We are driving a Ford 150 truck. It belongs to Aaron (Craig’s Dad) and we are dropping it off in Phoenix, Arizona, where he has a house and spends part of the winter there. We then have to be in LA by the 26th Oct. Today we drove to Regina and then straight south to the border crossing of Port of Regway, which crosses into Montana. We got to the border inspection station but they made us turn around and go back into Canada as John had to hand in his work permit, then back to the US, fill out more forms, answer a few questions and then we were on our way. John was a bit nervous about getting over the border in someone else’s vehicle, but it all went OK. The landscape south of Regina and into Montana was quite different, much flatter, very few trees and lots of oil wells. We headed across into North Dakota and stayed the night at Williston. Travelled approximately 550kms today.



Last Day of School

It was a sad day today as it was the boys last day at school, a few tears, mostly from me ! (it’s so hard to say goodbye!) the teachers had a surprise party for the boys, with a Roughriders cake! and they were given scrapbooks from their classes, filled with photos and all their classmates signed them and wrote comments. They were also given some sports shorts and socks with the school sports team name on them, and lots of cards and home made gifts from their friends and some Roughrider (the Saskatchewan footy team) gear. We gave their teachers a journal each and donated a beautiful reference book on animals from the Smithsonian Museum to the school library. We had a laugh when we found out that someone at school had given Campbell the nickname Prince Harry ! These photos are with Ralph, our school principal, and Angus with his teacher Bonnie.




Last week in Lake Lenore

John has finished work now and most people are wrapping up harvest. We have sold the car (to a Bangladesh man from Saskatoon), sent 3 boxes of stuff home, (hope we see them again !) and are starting to pack up our little white house in Lake Lenore. We have been out for afternoon teas and had supper with friends every night this week and John has done some more fishing and played a round of golf. It is officially Fall now so the trees are starting to change colour and drop their leaves and the nights are usually down to about 0. The days this week have been beautiful, up to about 24 degrees, but have had some cool days when it’s only about 12. At night you can hear coyotes howl and on dusk thousands of snow geese and Canadian geese fly overhead towards the fields from the lake to feed on grain left over from harvest. Its hunting season now for the geese, a lot of Americans come up here to hunt.







The Mounties !

In Regina we also visited the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre and learnt about the history of the RCMP.





First Footy Game

We went to Regina for the weekend to see a football match between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Calgary Stampeders. The Roughriders are the only sporting team that Saskatchewan have that play in a national league. They don’t have a hockey or baseball team so the Roughriders have a massive amount of support in the province. At their home games, it’s just a sea of green ! It was a lot of fun but its a very drawn out game as there is so much stopping and starting.






First Hockey Game

We went to our first hockey game tonight. It was a local derby between our home town team, the Humboldt Broncos and Battleford. It’s a very fast game with lots of action, shoulder charging and a bit of biffo ! Although not very effective considering how much padding they wear. When there is any sign of an altercation the referees are on the spot, literally giving the offenders a referee sandwich ie lying all over them till they give up !




Back to School

Boys have enjoyed being back at school. They have 2 recesses as well as a lunch break, which they can come home for if they like. They enjoy the different subjects such as social studies, health, music, art as well as doing gym every 2nd day which of course they love. They have done some fun stuff like the whole school did a charity walk for the Terry Fox organisation which raises money for cancer research. Campbell’s class also got to go into Humboldt to hear 2 Olympians speak at the ice rink. One competed in the heptathlon at the London games and the other was in the bob sled at the Vancouver winter games in 2010. They have been learning the national anthem in english and french. Campbell has been a linesman at one of the soccer games that is held about 2 x week after school for the senior and junior boys and girls. Juniors start at Grade 7, so unfortunately the boys have not been able to play. Sports for the primary school don’t start until October. They have made some good friends so we are all feeling sad about leaving soon, especially as Halloween is not far away and the boys friends keep telling them how much fun it is and how much candy they can collect !

These photos show the boys heading off to school on their bikes and one with our neighbour Edward helping our other neighbour, Adeline, pick her potato crop. Adeline is 93 !