Iced Tea and Brownies

The last few weeks we have been settling back into the quiet life of Lake Lenore. John has been very busy working at the yard in town helping with the delivery and assembling of grainbag machines in preparation for harvest. The first weekend we were back, we went to Middle Lake with friends and spent the afternoon on a boat, where the boys got to go knee boarding and had rides on a donut. Weekdays we spend mornings doing school work and afternoons the boys either go playing at the park, visiting friends, bike riding or cutting grass, or all of the above ! One day the boys and their friends got inventive and decided to set up an ‘Iced Tea and Brownies’ stand. Of course I had to fund the project, but strangely I was not on the receiving end of any of the profits ! Campbell did the cooking, Angus and his friend Col went to the Co-op for supplies (iced tea ingredients and paper cups) and another friend Taylor did the sign writing.

In the evenings after supper, a lot of the kids in town meet up at the park and play a game called ‘Man Tracker’, based on a Canadian TV show where 2 men on horses have 2 days to track down and catch 2 men on foot. In Lake Lenore the kids divide themselves into 2 teams, the team on bikes have to track down the team on foot – a big game of hide’n’go seek really. They all seem to have a lot of fun.

Everybody here has massive veg gardens which they pickle and preserve and freeze everything. People have been very generous keeping us in constant supply of corn, beans, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and raspberries (really good).




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