Back to Lake Lenore

Planes, Trains and Automobiles…... After 2 hrs on a bus, 3 1/2 hrs on a plane and 7 hrs in a car, we made our way safely back to Lake Lenore. We have been back a week now and have moved into a house in Lake Lenore which cuts down alot on travelling for John and the boys and has a nice big yard which we didn’t have in St Brieux.

The only problem is a dodgy phone and Internet service. We have to go outside and roam the streets to try and get a signal or we can go to the pub which has free wi-fi. We have discovered that if we hang upside down out of our lounge room window on a Tuesday night and the planets are aligned we can get 1 bar on our phone ! Well not quite, but occasionally we can get 1 bar.

The pub has just recently been bought by a Chinese couple who can’t speak much English. The husband is always smiling and laughing so he will fit in well in a pub !! His Canadian name is Simon and he had never met anyone from Australia. We asked him when is happy hour but he didn’t understand, so we will have to work on him to introduce that !! The decor of the pub is typical of what you would get in Australia in a town where time has stood still for the last 30 years ! but uniquely Canadian is the giant Moose head on the wall !

We didn’t have a TV when we arrived but we do now, but only have 1 channel. Luckily it is the CTV channel which covers the Olympics, so we have been able to watch some of the last 2 days of competition. Shame the Aussies didn’t do so well, not that we heard any news of them anyway. At least we finished ahead of Kazakhstan ! And dear oh Canada, they are so proud of their one gold medal in trampoline !!

The boys are very happy here, Lake Lenore is about the size of Cudal, they know all the children in the town as they all go to the Lake Lenore school. They all either walk or ride their bikes to school, which is only around the corner from our house. They are even allowed to come home from school for lunch, but said they won’t because they would miss some play time ! There is a park in the middle of town where the children are always playing, or they happily wander to each others houses to play. It is also common to see children driving golf carts or 4 wheel motor bikes around town. The family who own our house left a whole cubby house of toys here when they moved out and said we are welcome to use them, they have 4 girls so the boys weren’t that interested but there was some sporting equipment and bikes so the boys were happy.

So we have about 3 weeks till school goes back, I have been busy trying to play school teacher each morning. Campbell is co-operating but have Angus is a different story. I threatened him that he will have to repeat Yr 3 and that spurs him into action !

Nice to be out of the heatwave and drought conditions of the US and be back to the beautiful Canadian summer days of 25-30 degrees. The next few days are predicted to be around 22 ! Harvest starts in about a week, so hopefully the weather will stay fine for that.

This is our little ‘white’ house in Lake Lenore with a beautiful big soft green lawn. Everybody in Canada has a beautiful big soft green lawn ! Angus has become head green keeper. You will notice my clothes line, everybody in this climate uses dryers so clothes lines are rare but I have one which is actually a pulley system from our back door to a high pole on side fence for all the neighbours to see !!




5 Responses to “Back to Lake Lenore”

  1. 1 p
    August 13, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    love the photo of the moose at the pub, but I want a photo of John next to a real moose

  2. 3 Toni
    August 18, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    Love the blog Sal , what a wonderful family experience.
    Toni x

  3. 5 Russell Hill
    August 22, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    G’day the duff’s, this tour looks so amazing…next time you should take an Australian native to introduce to the world. Have fun and be safe. RH

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