New York to Washington

Packed up this morning as we are leaving this afternoon. Strolled outside to discover Saturday morning markets were on in Times Square ! Love a good market – who would have thought there’d be some on in Times Square ! Anyway there was nothing very exciting, lots of cheap junky stuff. We then headed off to Penn Station to work out how to get ourselves on our train to Washington. Of course we had to battle crowds and queues and ticketing machines and sassy negro women in information booths but we made it OK. The train trip was about 3 hours and was quite comfortable, despite the boys expecting something like Hogwarts Express ! On the way we passed through a few different cities including Philadephia and Baltimore but it seemed as though they were all joined up as we didn’t see much else out the window except buildings the whole way.

We arrived at Union Station in Washington and it was a big contrast to New York. The city was much cleaner, quieter and orderly and was full of magnificent buildings. Our hotel, however, was a different story, we think it must have been built the year Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated. Anyway it’s in a great location and is cheap, obviously explains the decor !



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