New York Day 2

We walk outside our hotel today and nearly fall over with the heat and humidity ! It was very hot and humid. We took a short walk to Central Park as we are heading to the zoo. It was a slow walk as the heat was extreme. The park is over 800 acres and was full of majestic statues of historical figures, eg Christopher Colombus, Shakespeare, Beethoven. We went to “Strawberry Fields”, an area dedicated to John Lennon. There were lots of street performers entertaining everyone. The drink vendors were working overtime as the heat was unbearable. We headed to the zoo which is quite small but had some animals we had never head of, so was really interesting, and who doesn’t love seeing sea lions playing and being fed ! We stopped by a diner to get some more liquid refreshments on our way back to our hotel to rest and escape the heat and that’s when the skies opened up and down came the thunderstorm, what a relief ! The thunder just echoed through the city streets so it was quite a spectacle. In the evening, and after some school work, we headed out to Times Square to see the lights. It was a sight, massive massive bill boards and ticker tapes, lights everywhere and those pesky hawkers !




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