New York Day 1

Our hotel is in a good location, just a block from Broadway and not far from Times Square and Central Park. We head out and get on an open top bus to tour the city and head downtown to the Statue of Liberty. The city is massive, noisy, dirty, garbage bags piled up on every corner, workmen on every corner, people everywhere. There are hawkers everywhere trying to sell you something. It takes about 2 hours just to get down to Manhattan to the ferry terminal. We get our tickets only to find out the statue itself is closed for renovations. The lines are long but they are moving quickly and we have to go through airport style security to get on the ferry. It is very hot. We eventually get over to Liberty Island and have a good look around. From a distance, she looks small in comparison to the city sky scrapers but of course close up she is impressive, nearly 50m tall.

We head back to our hotel, takes about another 2 hours, on the ferry then bus through city traffic, and have quick showers to cool off as it has been very hot and humid. We then hit the subway to Yankee Stadium to see New York Yankees play Toronto Blue Jays. Was a lot of fun, but we did leave early to avoid the Mumbai Express experience again. Funny that we both were asked for ID when we went to the bar – made us feel young again !




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