Calgary to New York

We had an early start to catch our 4 hour flight to New York. We had to clear US Immigration in Calgary so we had to get there early. Our cabin crew were very entertaining and had a different take on the usual safety spiel, very funny. On board, I was engrossed in my latest book, The Help, the boys did some school work, and John watched Air Crash Investigations ! ( Yeah that’s what I thought – What The ??) When we were landing, the crew gave us a full rendition of the famous “New York New York” song. We found our way to our shuttle bus and had a pretty hair raising trip to our hotel. As you could imagine the traffic in NY is just mayhem and constant horn blowing and sirens. At one intersection a taxi was trying to turn the same corner and the next thing, expletives are flying, brakes are slammed on and our bus and the taxi just stopped in the middle of the street and the drivers got out, more expletives, us and the other 5 people in the bus just froze, not knowing what was going to happen next, now horns were being blown at us as we were now blocking the street ! The drivers got back in their vehicles, but now it became cat and mouse as our bus was trying to pass the taxi but of course the taxi wouldn’t let him so we are both screeching from one side of the street to the other ! (was a one way street). Our hotel was first stop so we couldn’t get off quick enough ! Then he expects a tip ! Ha, not for that service, but John gave him one for fear of what he might do next.

We get to our hotel to find out our reservation was cancelled because the travel agent had not confirmed it. Great ! We waited for about an hour till our travel agent found us another hotel, so we then jump in a cab, with another cranky taxi driver who yelled at John to put his seat belt on, and find our way to another hotel, again couldn’t get out quick enough ! Boy oh Boy what an introduction to NY !! Well you know what they say……..



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