Calgary Stampede Day 2

Well we have had another amazing day in Calgary. We went for a walk through the city which is just buzzing with concerts, parades, music and dancing. We went to the top of Calgary Tower and as it was another warm sunny day, we had a fantastic view of the city. Part of it was a glass floor, which made the stomach turn a bit stepping out onto that. Touring the tower at the same time was a school pipes and drums band from Scotland who were here to perform at the Stampede. John asked them if they had any Duffs in the band, but they didn’t.

We headed back to the Stampede for the afternoon and evening show. Of course no show is complete without your amazing swivel mops, massage chairs and can’t live without saucepans ! so we had to check those out, but the pavilion also had a lot of other great stuff that you don’t see in Australia, and of course another thousand hat stands !

The evening show, like the afternoon rodeo begins with the national anthem, which even though its not our own, being in a crowd of 25,000 people singing, with hats over their hearts, still gives you goosebumps. The chuck wagon races were great. Seeing 4 wagons each driven by 4 horses, doing big burn outs around barrels and then flying around the race track, with another 8 outriders chasing, was just crazy, fast-paced action fun.

After the chuck wagon races was the evening concert, which John and I were blown away with and must be one of the best shows we have ever seen. It was phenomenal. They had Chinese acrobats, Japanese rope twirlers, the Young Canadians (must be like Young Talent Time), motor bikes who jumped jumps over the stage while there about 200 dancing girls doing their routine underneath them ! ( No OHS rules here !), all while fireworks and a laser show going on. Then one of Canadians most famous country music stars starts descending from the sky on a platform about 2m x 2m, and it’s no wonder he is a star, his voice was so deep and so smooth, and he sang a couple of songs, one being Ray Hadley and the “big Maan’s” theme song – the classic “Convoy” It was just fantastic, but that wasn’t the end. Then out came some aerial performers, swinging from fabric way up in the air, then Indian dancers, more singing from someone on a descending truck and a light show, then the grand finale with a great big blow up birthday cake for the 100th birthday of the Stampede with more lasers and more fireworks. We all fell into bed about 1am after a train trip back to the city which John likened to the Mumbai Express ! (not that we have been to Mumbai)



John’s quote “Mum on the look out for shopping malls”


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