Field trip to Moose Jaw and Regina

For the last day of the school year, Campbell’s class had a field trip to Moose Jaw and Regina. In the early part of the century Moose Jaw was known as “little Chicago” as it was apparently where Al Capone ran some of his illegal businesses. We toured the underground tunnels and learnt about gangsters and bootlegging in the 1920’s. (and who would have though that in Moose Jaw there is a big moose !) In Regina we had a tour of the Mackenzie Art Gallery and got to have our own art class and finished the day playing laser tag !

These last two days the weather in Saskatchewan has been ferocious. On Tuesday afternoon the radio stations were announcing everyone to be on “Tornado Watch”, meaning conditions were favourable for the formation of tornados and everyone should be looking out for them. One did occur not far from Moose Jaw, where a funnel cloud formed and did actually touch down on the ground for a few minutes. Luckily it was in a field and the only damage was a demolished corral (cattle yards). But the winds remained very strong on Wednesday when we went on our field trip. Lots of trees were down and silos blown over and damaged and part of the roof was blown off the IGA in Humboldt. Part of the dock where some boats were moored here at St Brieux, broke and was blown down the other end of the lake along with about 6 boats, some of which sank. They say if the wind stops in Saskatchewan everyone would fall over ! but even the locals were saying these last two days have been extreme.





1 Response to “Field trip to Moose Jaw and Regina”

  1. 1 Sandy Duff
    June 29, 2012 at 4:33 am

    Hope the weather is better now – sounds pretty extreme! The GY Duff’s

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