Farming Life

John has been working for a couple of weeks now. His time is split between working on the farm and being in town at the workshop. As the last 9 days in a row we have had rain, John has been in town a lot helping put together Kelly Chain Harrows, which Craig imports from Australia. These are an implement which are used for light cultivation to smash up stubble and to dry out soil in preparation for seeding. Craig also imports Grain Bag Inloaders and Outloaders from Argentina. John has also been helping assemble these for clients and for the Canadian Farm Progress Show which is on this week in Regina. We think this is similar to our Ag-Quip, except most of it is indoors. When John has been at the farm he has been chasing Craig in the sprayer with a semi loaded with water, and doing some reseeding of barley. We are amazed how quick everything grows. Given that on a normal sunny day, there is only about 5 hours of darkness, it is no wonder they grow like crazy with that amount of daylight hours. With canola, from seeding to full ground cover only takes 1 month.

It has been a challenge for John to get to know his way around as there are no fences to distinguish fields, not many road signs and all roads are very straight as they are on a grid pattern running north/south or east/west ! All crops are sown right up against each other, even along boundary lines, so you could end up spraying or harvesting some of your neighbours crop! All fields are based on a section, which is one mile by one mile, which is 640 acres. Generally field sizes are a quarter or a half section, being 160 or 320 acres. There is no stock here as the land is too valuable, it is just wall to wall farming ! Saskatchewan is certainly not as “outback” or as flat as the impression we were given, well southern Saskatchewan anyway. It is quite densely populated. You drive along the road and every couple of kilometers you see a farm house. You only have to go about 30kms and you are in another town. It is certainly not as flat as western NSW, it is actually very picturesque.

St Brieux is a village of about 500 people. It was settled by about 40 French families in 1904. It is the home of the Bourgault factory. (For those non farmers, this is a well known brand of farm machinery, we have one at home) and it seems every farmer here has one as well. It employs a lot of local people and a lot of Fillipinos as well. A lot of the signs around are also in French and every product in the supermarket is in French as well. So great for anyone learning French !



3 Responses to “Farming Life”

  1. 1 p
    June 23, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    my little farm does not have a “Bourgault”, that would make a great souvenir, bring one home in the backpack !!

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