School Days

After a nervous start, the boys have settled well into school and noticed a lot of differences with our system. Of course we all know about these differences from watching American movies but to see them in real life, well it was like being on the film set of Diary of a Wimpy Kid ! A big hallway joins all the classrooms, where some lockers are, others have their lockers in their classrooms, kids all dressed in casuals, all chewing gum, even the teachers ! Shoes get left at the main entrance doors, nobody wears a hat, and there is a gi-normous gymasium ! As soon as the bell goes, kids all run out the door to the waiting buses, although most of the kids ride their bike or walk to school. The buses are exactly the same as they had on old American programs such as Sesame Street, The Patridge Family and Happy Days ! But there is no cafeteria, which I was expecting (again from watching too many movies) must be only in bigger schools, so the boys do have to take a packed lunch. All meals are eaten in the classroom, even on sunny days. All the children come from farms or parents work in the mining or oil industries.

Their first week was filled with lots of fun activities which helped them settle in. Monday, after welcoming the boys and wishing Angus a happy birthday over the loud speaker ( that comes through into their classrooms), they had some engineering students come from the University of Saskatchewan to do some fun science stuff. Tuesday they were given yoghurt parfaits before school, Wednesday they had a presentation of a Biodiesel Jet Engine Racing Car that runs on canola oil, Thursday was “Play Day” which was like our Athletics Carnivals except a lot more casual and based on fun events. Eg they did have high jump, long jump, relay but also had bean bag throwing, water bombs, mini hockey, mini golf and a bicycle obstacle course amongst others. Friday was then relatively quiet, where they had to actually do some school work.

During their second week, I went into the boys classrooms and made videos to send back to our classes at St Laurence’s. I got the students to talk a little about themselves and life in Canada and got them to ask a question about Australia. This was much to the boys embarrassment, but that’s part of a parents job isn’t it !! But now the boys love watching the videos and can’t wait for their classes to reply.

Angus had an excursion to the town pool in Humboldt, which of course is indoor and also had a water slide. Afterwards we all went to DQ, which is Dairy Cream for yummy ice creams ! Campbell’s class has a field trip at the end of term to Moose Jaw and Regina so we can’t wait for that !



1 Response to “School Days”

  1. 1 Trudi Smart
    June 20, 2012 at 2:13 am

    Moose Jaw and Regina hey!? Cannot wait to hear how that goes…
    School mustve been so daunting for the boys. Although, it sound like alot of fun! xx

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