Arrival in Saskatchewan

We were up at 5.30am on June 1st for an early flight to Saskatoon. Angus had a bad night, running a temperature, so I was prepared with sick bags and cold washers. First throw up was on the shuttle bus on the way to the airport, second throw up was walking through the metal detector ! He slept on the plane which was only an hour, he didn’t eat anything all day, so for Angus (whose middle name is hungry) he was really off colour.

Craig came and picked us up and we were straight off to a field day ! It was about a 40min drive to an historic little farm named “Maple Grove Farm”. It was a demonstration day for seeding (sowing) equipment. The farm was historic because it was the farm of a pioneering Canadian wheat breeder, Seager Wheeler. The crowd was not as big as they expected because a lot of farmers were still seeding. It was a lot like an Aussie field day in that there were more company reps than farmers. Everybody was very friendly, especially the Case IH rep who had spent 3 years in Dubbo and was rugby mad, he is 48 and is still playing ! He tried to con John into pulling on the boots for his club here and insisted we come and watch a match. Lunch was provided which was something like a BBQ kransky sausage in a bun covered with sauerkraut and beans !

After the field day, Craig drove us to Humboldt and we met his wife Melissa and daughter Georgia, who is 2. Craig’s Dad has kindly lent us the use of a vehicle, which is a black Ford V8 150, it’s a mean beast and everybody drives them ! We picked that up and drove in convoy to our cabin which is near the village of St Brieux. The boys thought the cabin was “awesome”. It is 2 levels, upstairs being a kitchen/dining area, 2 bedrooms and bathroom and downstairs or the basement is a big TV room, bedroom, bathroom and laundry. It is very clean, comfortable and quite modern, and Mum – it has everything in it we need – lots of towels, linen, doonas and heaps of kitchen equipment, so you don’t have to worry ! There is no tank water so we have to fill a tank from a well and transport it to the house every couple of weeks, and get drinking water from the local co-op. There is no dishwasher, so the boys will be learning the art of washing up ! It is overlooking part of Lake Lenore so there will be lots of fishing, squirrel and chipmunk hunting and moose spotting to be done !

St Brieux is about 30kms from the village of Lake Lenore which is where the farm and workshop are located. Humboldt which is our big town is located about another 25kms from Lake Lenore.

Craig and Melissa took us out for tea for our first night to the local Chinese, which was an experience. It made the Forbes Golden Dragon look 5 star ! The cabin is lovely and quiet and we had the best night sleep since we have been here, it must have been the fresh country air ! As the saying goes…Aaar the Serenity !

Saturday we spent settling in and on Sunday, Craig and Melissa took us to Saskatoon for shopping for supplies, it’s about 100kms from Humboldt. Makes it sound like we are isolated but we are really not. Melissa likes to shop at CostCo, so she took us there and as we had not been to one before we were amazed ! It was like a Boxing Day sale – absolute mayhem ! So many people and everyone had there trolleys overflowing ! One lady was wheeling a double mattress through the check out !

The boys are taking a while to settle down tonight as they are excited about starting school tomorrow and it will be Angus’s birthday.



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